Audition Self-Taping - IT'S A WRAP

audition self-taping

The casting process is shifting to audition self-tapings. That is great news for you: You can now audition from anywhere in the world under conditions you have full control over. You are now able to present your best performance professionally edited to highlight all your strengths.

Your self-taping session includes:

∙ Evenly lit studio with crisp sound

∙ Selection of a dark grey or white background

∙ An experienced actor/actress to read lines with you

∙ Printing of slides

∙ Edited video available for download within 24hrs

∙ Close attention to the instructions required by the studio you are auditing for

A Hair & Makeup Artist is available upon request.

We highly recommend working together with our audition coach during your session.

For more information contact us now and view pricing here.

audition technique coaching

Paula Jai Parker imdb

Actress | Director | Producer | Acting Coach

audition self-taping

"Audition technique training is designed to get you the job.

Today, self auditions are quite the norm. But even when you go into the room with casting, you’re put on tape for directors to review.
Even if the director is in the room, you’re put on tape...there’s no way around it no matter what, actors are cast off tape...
Even after you get the job, you’re put on tape and only the most patient of directors will allow you to view play back, it rarely happens.

It’s important for an actor to know his boundaries on film. How he looks and is perceived by the unflattering eye of the lens can make or break performance. It’s not the better actor it’s the better actor on tape that gets the job."

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