This is where I'm suppose to write about my lifelong passion for photography. Only problem, I've had a lifelong love/hate relationship with photography. But check it: here a portrait I took as a kid.  Yes, I may have hung backdrops sideways and my little sister may not have always enjoyed being volunteered to sit for me yet, there I was.

My portraiture skills have matured significantly since then.

I still photograph people who  I can relate to closest: the rebellious teenager who is now a mom who still can't grasp that she  has a family and that lame picket fence (hey! It keeps the dog from eating passerbys), the woman who never feels perfect enough to be photographed (...oooh.. just 5 more pounds...), the colorful people of the LGBT community, the dressup-loving Ren farers  and Cosplayers,  the hustling womantepreneur.

I love all these awesome people I get to photograph and I'm humbeled that they trust me to create everlasting artifacts of lives.

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