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Streaming / YouTube / Twitch / XBox / PlayStation4 / PC

Everyone does it but only a few do it well. Learn acting and improv techniques to help your YouTube and Streaming subs grow!

•  We provide acting classes for all screens. We teach acting for streaming, tutorials, YouTube, and for hosting  game shows, News, Podcasting, and for TV and film.

• The program is run by movie and TV veteran Paula Jai Parker. Paula is a experienced educator with a unique gift to tune into each child's individual strengths and blocks, has directed the Sierra Madre Elementary and Middle School Talent Show,  and is closely connected to the Hollywood industry. Learn more about Paula here.

• 2 hours of dynamic and fun classes each week with acting exercises, on-air experience,  and one-on-one personal feedback.

• The entertainment industry has expanded to include video games and tutorials as acceptable forms of entertainment and employment. Video game profits far exceed the combined profits of movies and TV production. The New may not replace the Old overnight but it's moving in that direction. We're moving with it.

•YouTube and steaming set up available if needed.

• 1 professional, agent-ready headshot 
• In-class taping of segments your child wants to present on screen
• Collecting footage for creating your child's  professional reel
• Bonus instruction and opportunity to be cast for the new TV show Pasadena Kids Forum• Watch your child on TV and share the show with friends and relative all over the world via live streaming the TV station or via YouTube. Click here to watch and subscribe to the show's YouTube channel.
• Access to a private facebook group to watch class activities live, see class photos, and ask acting or auditioning questions.  


Please feel free to contact us via our online form, or give us a call/text at 213-280-5870.You can also  click here for pricing information or click here to register for a class.

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